Main page

I decided to make a main page-type post for myself with relevant information. I am Lecter, a map activist with multiple paraphilias and other stigmatized identities. This is my main post with misconceptions about minor attraction, debunked through scientific means - Common Misconceptions About Maps. This is an Archive.org copy of the Carrd I made with … Continue reading Main page

A more nuanced approach to sexuality


A few years ago I made this infographic, trying to explain to myself and to other people how attractions work and can be classified. Soon after publishing it, I started noticing random flaws and omissions, for example, it doesn't reflect a wider spectrum of criteria in the “beings” category, because, surely, you can single out … Continue reading A more nuanced approach to sexuality

Common Misconceptions About Maps


These are the misconceptions: Pedophilia is an "abuse fetish"/a treatable mental illness.“MAP” is a politically correct term made up to normalize pedophilia.DSM listed pedophilia as a sexuality by mistake.Pedophilia is illegal.All child molesters are pedophiles.All pedophiles offend.Therapy for MAPs involves building disgust towards the attraction.Communication with children increases risk of offense.Minors can’t be pedophiles.Pedophilia = … Continue reading Common Misconceptions About Maps

Paraphilia as an identity

Recently I started noticing more disdainful attitudes to paraphilia as an identity, as an umbrella term for non-normative attractions. The general accusation typically is that "paraphilia" is stigmatizing and medicalizing language, that people who identify as paraphiliacs are favoring antis and conversion therapy. Yesterday I made a post about this on one of my nnia.space … Continue reading Paraphilia as an identity